Apr 2022

Part-time designer

My competitive advantage is that I can design fast at a price that is affordable.

I got to thinking about this after I sent a quote for a potential new project in partnership with another team. You see, I'm a part-time freelance designer focused on Webflow websites that doesn't need to charge a minimum of $5000 per website. My target audience of local businesses and churches even like this. Of course they would right? 

There's definitely a lot of creatives out there that are able to charge that amount and I applaud them, especially when people are willing to pay them. Some of them have more experience than I do in the web design and development space. I have 8 years. Some of them are making websites full-time. I'm only part-time.

So to cover my costs and account for my worth with the design eye I'm blessed with and skills I've learned I charge $900 a week.

That means your project takes only a couple days like a quick, simple logo then you're looking at $258 for a logo. That also means most websites I can complete in 1 to 2 weeks which means your business, church, or project can have a completely new website on Webflow (a service/platform that is easier to use than WordPress) for less than $2000.

It's a win, win, win situation. (Anyone get The Office reference?)

You get a great design for an affordable price, I'm able to cover my costs, and the people building the apps and services helping make this happen continue to operate.

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