Building home

  • Life
  • Feb 1, 2022

To every sound structure is a strong foundation. When passing by or at first glance it's tough to see the foundation. It's not obvious—many times fully hidden. It's only until the first wall gets built that you start to take notice what is being built. Before more work is done everyone can see inside the structure that will be your home.

It's not your home yet though. Walls need to be fully constructed to make things fully private. Doors and windows need to be placed for touch points of invitation whether we choose them to be protected or public. Then the paths that lead up to the home—how your family, anyone invited, and any strangers approach your home.

At first everyone could see what was being built. Now, it's all private as it should be. Only when you invite people in is when you can be vulnerable and share more about your family. More about how your family is built. More about the foundation of your home. Just like the ol' saying of don't judge a book by it's cover, don't judge the family by their home.

When building your home it's less about the actual home and more about family time.