• Memory
  • Mar 2, 2020

Today I turn 31. Many months leading up to this day, only last year, I was thinking about what I had accomplished but what I was still craving.

My biggest weakness is also of those that is my greatest strength. And that is continuing things. I suck at it because I constantly think about new things, new ideas, new brands, and new voices to change the world. I care so much about branding that the initial phase of branding is all I’d focus on.

But branding is more than the initial logo, copy, and presence. It’s what happens next during that first customer exchange. It’s why people continue to talk about your or not talk about your brand. It’s the marketing side, but I leave the data and numbers to the data nerds.

Why am I talking about branding? This is my blog so I want to. Today is my birthday so I want to. But really because branding is the work I love to focus on while also being the work that I needed to improve on. When I was 29 I needed to start less and focus to continue more.

I turned 30.

Some new things were started because well it was in the moment and just too much fun not to design a logo while coming up with a brand name for a crazy, new idea. I’m on an emotional and mental high when it happens. I love it. I thank God for how He designed me to be this way. I also know that He knew I’d just get branding and could truly impact thousands because of one or two brands that I helped start.

Here’s what happened:

1. Started blogging more and using this made up word, “resimplify” as the blog name. One of my lead pastors recently used this word in a sentence that brought me joy.
2. Connected with an awesome guy from church that turns out has the same aspirations to make an app that I do. More to come  but it’s happening! We have a logo and website, naturally (Surprise! Surprise!) but we also have a login page to a real working app! It’ll be a game changer pushing for at least 1000 true fans.
3. Lastly, last Sunday morning I woke up and God told me to restart something me and my best friend worked on back in 2016-2018. During this time we  had influenced and united the creatives of our home city. Life happened and so we stopped. 2 years later, within a week we’ve revisited a coffee shop (that was our second home) once and already have a new website and slightly updated logo. Goal is Spring 2020 for the relaunch!

Today I turn 31 and I’m so proud of the work I’ve been able to accomplish. I realized that branding is what I do best and what I love to do. Not only do I get to work on branding for my awesome church, but I get to explore two great potentials while documenting it all here on my blog.

As for this year? No new ideas just new ideas within the ones I’m currently working on. The focus has been rest and He is getting me prepped.