Limited Screen Time (LST)

  • Life
  • Jan 23, 2024

I feel like we're on a constant journey of finding the right balance. While we can easily walk and physically find our balance, time management and what we do with that time is challenging.

And with screens, screen time for anyone that uses a screen to make a living only complicates this more.

As a freelance web designer and developer I get to work from anywhere. All I need is my MacBook Air and I'm good to go. I can work away from home, at home, and anytime of the day as long as I have an internet connection. Realistically, I could work 24/7 but that's crazy, right?!

Well, knowing that I can work 24/7 does two things to me:

  1. I can work on said thing whenever, so what's 15 minutes here and there of getting lost on YouTube
  2. I don't actually end up getting said work done and also not present with my dogs, family, and friends

My goal for 2024 is to be present more—both work and personal.

Yesterday was a great start to this where I gave myself deadlines/cutoff times. So even though I can work 24/7 I blocked out a 5 hour window of time where only work could be done. I amazingly stuck to it, was productive, and used the other time in my day to be present with my dogs, my fiancé, my family, and actually work on my side project.

This is only day 2 but in 45 minutes I know I have to start work.

I now have limited screen time.