How I got into design

  • Memory
  • Jan 28, 2024

"How'd you get into design?"

I've been asked this question multiples times this past month. Typically I credit Legos or even me playing in Sketch and tinkering with WordPress themes from Themeforest.

But the more I've thought about it, the more I can better recall my first moment with design.

As a kid I loved these things called Micro Machines. They were these small little blocks of buildings and scenery where your little cars could experience. I wanted all of the sets, but my parents said no. So, I took out a notebook and with some pencil and markers I made my own blocks. Without knowing it this would be me designing this environments solving my own problem of wanting as many places for my micro cars to experience.

I did play with my Legos and Tonkas. I did watch my dad design the house I grew up in on AutoCad. And I did enjoy drawing floor plans and elevations of homes on grid paper. All of these transformed into designing logos in Sketch and wanting to get into web design.

But creating these environments on notebook paper is when I first remember solving a problem, which is what design is all about.