Two strikes and the 80 percent rule

  • Theory
  • Jan 7, 2024

Out of three strikes, anytime you get to two there is a shift being made—mentally.

Let's say at your work you've experienced the same offense for the second time.

In my head I have this informal strike system.

Upon reflection I've realized that the reasons why I leave are when the two strikes becomes too heavy, feeling closer to a third strike, or it has well surpassed three strikes and they've gone ignored. I can trace back why I've left my previous experiences to this informal two strike system.

Then comes the 80 percent rule.

This is what keeps me going through the two strikes, after the first strike, and through the continued strikes that could occur.

To me, it's unrealistic to expect any job to satisfy you 100%. But, I do think a goal of liking a job 80% of the time is realistic and healthy.

It's when this starts to dip below 80% that in combination of two strikes I am looking for a new opportunity. I'm figuring out what matters most to me, what I can learn from my time, and where I'd like to grow to continue my lifelong journey.

The 80 percent rule supersedes the informal two strikes, but the strikes have a greater possibility for less than 80%.