• Memory
  • Mar 2, 2022

Today I turn 33.

What a wild, crazy year it's been. This time last year I was asking God for guidance on a job as I felt the financial stress from my recent decision to leave a comfortable paying job to do my own thing. Did I get a new job? Yes. I did. In a matter of weeks I was working for a local creative agency building Webflow websites and doing other digital design work.

So that was cool, but then I'd face one of the greatest battles and storms I have ever experienced—my then wife asking for a divorce. It shook up my world. I didn't see it coming. I thought we made a great team. Heck, we even had a podcast together documenting our journey as a couple. The shake up ultimately led to a divorce that while I respected her decision with forgiveness I disagreed with the decision.

The next several months would be tough. Memories shared, familiar environments, the thoughts of Lani (a puppy we got together), where did I go wrong, why now, and what's next were all repeating things go through my heart and mind. I made the decision to put everything that reminded me of her, anything we had shared together, and our wedding rings in a tub that would be buried. Then photos. Oh all the photos of her would be deleted. I didn't want to erase her because she helped make me who I am and my love for her will always be a thing but I did need to move on and this was healthy for me. I didn't expect the year of 32 to be when I started therapy, moved again to live by myself with Lilo, and return to Apple Retail. But, it all happened.

Fast forward!

I'm oh so happy today. This is my year. I can feel it. Over the course of 365 days I've learned how to be obedient, trust His timing, develop healthy habits, stay firm on my values, focus on my calling, know the purpose for what I need to do in the season I'm in, and develop the friendships that actually matter in my life.

I have my family who shared many ups and downs with me. I have two best guy friends who are like brothers to me. I have a small group of friends that feel like family. I have a pastor who got me back on my feet and continues to be a really great friend that I look up to. I have a dog who is filled with a spirit that knows how to comfort me and provide me joy. And finally, I have a girlfriend that understands me, supports me, challenges me, makes me laugh, laughs at me, and was my best friend first.

Life is crazy.

When you put your focus on God and trust His timing things will happen in your life that you didn't think could happen. Things will happen in your life because He knows the way He designed you and what you all need. God did all of this for me.

There's no way I'm going to stop listening to Him. This is my year. He gave me a dream and this year I continue to work towards having it come to fruition. Oh, and fun fact: Jesus was 33.

Thanks to all who have been on this journey with me. Means a lot.