I voted for Trump in 2020

  • Life
  • Nov 8, 2021

Either we are passionate about politics or stray away from ever chatting about it. I was always the latter until I was allowed to vote. Well, not quite. I'd voice my who I voted for when it came to the Presidential election and only the Presidential election.

So, 2020 was no different right? I knew it wouldn't be because of how toxic people became over the years and how much more vocalized, powerful, and heavier it all became during the midst of social justice chaos and media manipulation.

I was done with doing what I was supposed to do. So much chatter about "you're voting for Biden, right?!" Well, like any wise person I did my research on Biden. I've been granted this gut feeling where I'm able to get a good sense of someone's character in a fast manner. No judgement, just character that I feel. Biden, immediately didn't sit well with me.

Probably didn't help that his whole campaign was "a vote for me isn't a vote for Trump." Wow, you're correct but that's why you want people to vote for you?! That's why I should vote you info an office of great honor and responsibility? Simply because you're not Trump. Well you're right, Biden. You're not Trump. You've proven that. You're unfortunately not even yourself. Just when everyone was making fun of Trump we now can't help but make fun of how lost you are. You're not fit to be President. Is this what our great country deserves? I think not. We deserve someone who knows who they are, can focus on a task at hand, and fearlessly lead our country while making many difficult decisions.

Trump did that. Was he brash? Yeah he was and is. He is a New Yorker!

We live in a world that promotes loving everyone for who they are and allowing everyone to be okay with who they are or want to be. But, we also live in a world that is okay with bashing people that made mistakes. It's so contradictory. Navigating life isn't easy. No one said it would be.

Heck, I'm certain that my vote didn't help my ultimate divorce. I lost a lot of acquaintances. I lost a lot of friends that I thought were friends. Turns out, nope.

But, I'm proud I voted for Trump. I'm proud for who God designed me to be. I'm bold. I have a heart and gut that can read a great sense of character. Trump didn't make me who I am today. But, vocalizing my vote for him certainly helped me stand firm in what is good for me.