Leaving Apple Retail, Again

  • Memory
  • Sep 19, 2022

The day has come again.

When I first left Apple back in 2018 I took on the role of designer and production lead at my church. 2 years would go by and I would realize that I needed to take a step back to work on myself, my broken marriage, and how to balance work and life.

I started my very first LLC in 2020, a couple months after COVID-19 started shutting down everything and changing how we work and live. I was thankful to start with a good amount of design work as a new freelancer. Then I faced the challenge of being able to provide for myself while still trying to build my business. I wasn't good. I was bleeding. I needed a temporary lifeline to regroup myself.

All I could think about was Apple.

Even though I felt like I already moved on, I needed to take a step back if they would have me back.

This time would be different. I wasn't at Apple for a career as I have big plans for building a team and making an impact with Hike. This time I was there to help the team as they transitioned out of the pandemic ways of living into the new normal and learn more about what it takes to create a high-performing team.

I've been back over a year. I've learned a good amount, but feel like I'm just swimming against an ongoing current. I could also feel burnout coming.

It was time to take another risk. A risk like the one I did to work at church. A risk like when I started my own LLC.

This risk would be to return to freelancing full-time, but this time I was ready and had secured work.

So, that's why I'm leaving Apple Retail, again. What's next is more time spent on design, Webflow, and building a sass company (Hike). Oh and being hyper-aware of my personal and family time.