• Life
  • Feb 21, 2020

Since day one we've been part of a group. May be thinking, "huh?" A group is a number of people who are considered together. I doesn't say more than two or any amount of people that defines a group. A group is merely who are considered to be together. Family is a group. Friends have many groups. Wait. It's the other way around isn't it. We have many groups of friends. The thing is that groups have and will always exist. Everyone is at least part of one group if not several.

Being part of a group is the original social network. The group existed because you were all considered to be together. Together in location. Together in work. Together in play.

Groups matter. Because of groups we're able to accomplish more. There's accountability and support in a group.

Groups are the foundation of all good things. All good work. Groups just need a nudge, a reminder, an assistant every now and then stay together to keep going.